Friday, December 10, 2010

OMG!! They're Kissing?!?!?

You think I'm joking, but I still get this reaction every time my friends come over for a movie where this happens. No matter how many times I've explained that the dancing around trees and wet sari songs were a thing of the past, and no matter how many times they've seen Shahid smooch with his co-star, kissing still takes them by surprise. They don't even believe me when I say there's plenty of kissing nowadays in Hindi films. In fact, there's more kissing than almost-kissing! How crazy is that?

But before I go on, let's play a game. Pick the emoticon that best describes your feelings towards this rather new trend in Bollywood:

or even
or even

[Btw more awesome emoticons here:]

If you picked one of the top row ones, the next bit is for you, and then I strongly recommend you stop reading. If you picked one of the bottom row ones, then by all means, read this to the end, I think you'll enjoy it!

~~ Some of my favourite recent near-kisses ~~
Whether the scene got cut off for the sake of decency, or the one of the two changed their mind, or even someone interrupted, these are the best kisses that never happened on screen.

Sona and Vikram in Luck By Chance - great scene this one

Aditi and Viren in Socha Na Tha - proof that Abhay Deol can do romance just fine... though maybe not with Sonam Kapoor.

Sonia and Kabir in Kidnap - proof that Imran Khan can do romance just fine... though maybe not with Sonam Kapoor. Wait, do I see a trend?

^ Granted, one of the most random songs ever in a film, but kya chemistry, ya Rabba!

Jodhaa and Jalal in Jodhaa Akbar - oh well, not like we haven't seen Dhoom 2, right?

Shai and Munna in Dhobi Ghat - sigh... Can it be January 21st already?

But forget all that teasing. Time for the good stuff!

~~ Some of my favourite recent kisses ~~

Meera and Jai in Love Aaj Kal - Perhaps not the steamiest kiss in history, but what a cute scene! Imtiaz Ali is the man, I don't care who says what about his films!

And speaking of Deepika: Pinky and Nandu in Lafangey Parindey - Not a very successful movie, but a very cute jodi these two.

And to move to the seriously scorching stuff (hopefully by now the people who picked emoticons from the first row have given up on reading else I will be responsible for some heart attacks)...

My boy Shahid also had his share of on-screen kisses, and if it weren't for the stupid dialogue before it, Kaminey would be at the top of this list. "I love you more than Bombay"??? Really, Vishal, what were you thinking?
Chance Pe Dance is an eyeful as well, but what with me not being a big fan of Genelia, her being there ruins some of the magic.

So I went with Bulbul and Karan in Badmaash Company - Did they even stop to breathe in this scene?

Kiara and Akash in Anjaana Anjaani - No really, I got embarrassed even screencapping for this!

Krishna and Babban in Ishqiya - Now those two could roast a pig, they were so hot together! And what an awesome movie!

Nameless woman and Vishnu in Road, Movie - Caution, steamy roads ahead!

ETA: By public demand, adding Shruti and Bittoo from Band Baaja Baaraat. Yup, it is as good as everyone told me!

~~ And just for fun: blast from the past ~~

Raja and Aarti in Raja Hindustani. So sad that Karishma's irritating laughter (and general presence) ruins this scene, it would have been perfect!

Perfect I say, perfect! After all, they can say whatever they want about Emraan Hashmi and his kingdom of smooches, Aamirou is still way ahead of anyone else, if only in longevity and well... sheer numbers!

And I think that covers my quota of fangirling and naughtiness for the past 2-3 months (I was way behind), so I promise some perfectly decent posts in the next little while.


Jyothi said...

Great post, like always!! i totally agree with you on on the almost-kisses list! All those scenes are super sizzling- and would hv been perfect if they had culminated in proper kisses... And that pic of Raja HIndustani brought back some memories-- i was in fifth grade when i went to watch this movie in the theatre, and sitting between my parents, i didnt know where to look when Aamir and Kaishma locked lips for what felt like an eternity! ;)
Thanks for the lovely post, Dolce/Namak :)

dustdevil liz said...

You have almost (almost) convinced me to watch a bunch of Shahid and Imran movies I had not interest in.
You did convince me to immediately rewatch the Raja Hindustani kiss on youtube. Siiiiighhhhh....

Dolce and Namak said...

Hey Jyothi!!

Oh Lordy! RH in the theatre with your parents??? That's brutal! Because it DOES last forever! I was screencapping for this post and trying to get to end of it to see if the shot at the end was better than the ones at the beginning, and I swear it just went on for EVER! LOLs!

I'm ok with them either way: the ones that end in a smooch and the ones that don't. As long as the chemistry is there, I'm happy. But oh God, can you imagine a kiss in Jodhaa Akbar?? Now THAT would have been hysterically inappropriate! Haha! Maybe that one was better off the way it was ;)

Dolce and Namak said...

Haha! Liz, seriously, don't bother with Kidnap, just watch the song Mausam on youtube, you'll get the better experience with the shortest waste of time. ;)

As for Shahid, you know I don't think any time is wasted on him (ok, except for Paathshaala, there's just no excuse for that one), but Badmaash Company is not exactly what I would encourage anyone to spend their time on. Kaminey OTOH is a completely different conversation, but you must have seen that already.

PS: Your comment published with a delay... weird!

Remini said...

You forgot Bibps and Ranbir in Bachna Ae Haseeno! And while we're at it, Ranbir and Deepika in the same movie :D

I'm not a big fan of bolly kisses, because they mostly look awkward. Or more friendly than hot 'n steamy.. though I don't kiss my friends that way.. but just sayin' :D Maybe I just got used to NOT seeing kisses in a Bolly movie.

I like the almost kisses more, because they somehow manage to have more tenderness and FEELING in them then the actuall kisses.

... maybe I'm just strange :D

Dolce and Namak said...

Hey Remini, that's not strange at all. Pretty sure a lot of people prefer to not have an explicit kiss on screen. I'm all right with them, maybe my tolerance comes from being an Aamir Khan fan ;)

And so true that a lot of them look awkward, they still have a long way to go until people feel comfortable doing this on screen, that much is clear. But I did try to pick the ones that didn't look awkward, just for the record. :D

Oh yes, and I did forget abour Bachna Ae Haseeno!! You're so right! I guess I tried to block everything about that movie from my memory (except for the songs), so didn't even think of checking it when I was brainstorming for this post :P Good catch!

Jyothi said...

Sorry, but i'm back again! Have you seem Band Baaja Baraat yet? If not, please go watch! Better than the sting of rom-com flops that we've had to endure this year! And to continue on this post's vein they KISS, and HOW! In fact they go the whole hog and are amazing cool abt it later, which,as you would know, is almost unheard of in Bollywood movies! And the guy! Quite a find!

Dolce and Namak said...

Boo-hoo! No I haven't seen it, Jyothi. It's only playing in theatres in the far suburbs, so nearly impossible to get to without wasting half a day on it, and who has that type of time in December? :( But I did hear about the kiss already ;) I keep reading good things about the movie in general, so I was planning to buy it when it's out on DVD! You recommending it definitely adds to the excitement too.

Nicki said...

Here's the famous kissing post :D

I'll have to go gather all the kissing scenes and post, especially the ones you missed! :D

But yes, there seems to be more kissing scenes in the mainstream, commercial movies now than before.

Dolce and Namak said...

LOLs Nicki! Yes yes yes, do post links to the ones I missed! I tried to be decent in the actual post and only put screencaps, so I only captured the ones I had on DVD (which means I missed all of Rani's for example :(), but by all means, go ahead and post links galore! :D
Or if you are willing to do a post on your blog... hehehe... I'm so there!!! :)

Dolce and Namak said...

Ha! Looks like Bollywood Hungama was on the same page as me here, they did their own version of 2010 kisses! And they were a whole lot more thorough than me ;) Here's the link for anyone curious:

MinaiMinai said...

Hi Dolceoro! :) Your post immediately think of this very funny kiss starring southie hunk Vikram: OTT, and funny :D

Dolce and Namak said...

Aaaaaaaahaha! Yes, that one is pretty hilarious (and don't ask me why I never watched the movie but had seen this scene before ;)). That has to be the most pathetic effort in putting up a fight! LOLs

Swati Sapna said...

i have to recommend band bajaa baraat too! amazing kiss and great chemistry :) totally loved reading this post... my all time fav is the dhoom 2 kiss between hrithik and ash (in spite of the fact that i cannot stand ash in most films...)

and to add to ur list of almost kisses - one of my favorite moments is between SRK and Kajol in DDLJ when the dad calls out to Simran and ends the moment :( but its still so cute and romantic.... sigh! i would rate it way over aamir-karisma in Raja Hindustani!

Dolce and Namak said...

Hey Swati! :) I know, I keep hearing about this BBB movie, can't wait for the DVD. I have built it up so high in my head by now that it will probably disappoint me, but it can't be helped with all the praise I hear for it :)

I think the less I say about DDLJ the better, so I won't comment on that one. I have no idea to this day why this movie is so loved: with the exception of Mehndi Laga Ke Rakhna I loved absolutely nothing in it... But that's just me...

Dhoom 2 on the other hand was the first time I was seeing a kiss in Bollywood (it was also one of the first Bollywood movies I ever saw) so I was shocked for days. Now that I look back, I think I've seen better, but it was pretty darn impressive the first time around :D

Anonymous said...

Do watch Band Baja Baraat smooches.. they are out of this world for a Bollywood movie

Dolce and Namak said...

Hahaha! Oh, I will! :D I am waiting so eagerly for that DVD and not even for the smooches. I've been hearing great things about the movie in general.

Swati Sapna said...

OH God... if u dont like DDLJ i dont know what to say! :( i was 14 when I watched the film and i cried and prayed for 3 nights in a row asking God to send me a love like SRK's!!! :D i can never ever get over that film. and yes, i did get my wish granted though thats another Bollywood story altogether! :D
but seriously, how can u not like DDLJ? how old were u when u watched it? it has got a lot to do with that too i guess. Like I watched Grease when I was 27... and Dirty Dancing. And I jus didnt know what the big deal was. Nice movies both, ok. But thats about it I thought! :P OOps! I can see some ppl sharpening there knives and all :D

But still... u cannot be a bollywood fan if u dont like DDLJ!@!!! :(

Dolce and Namak said...

Awww... sorry Swati, I feel like I should apologize for not liking DDLJ, though I thought I was being subtle there about my bewilderment in front of the fact that *this* is considered the love story of Indian cinema. I know in theory why it's so well loved, and why it's so iconic, but none of those reasons resonate with me, so I just look at it as a movie, not as zeitgeist. And yes, I did watch it somewhere in my twenties, and just found it cheesy, OTT, boring and spineless. Though for the record, sappiness never appealed to me, even when I was in my teens (point in case: I hated Titanic). And SRK is another matter where I will spare you my opinion because I don't want to completely break your heart :)

Good point about Dirty Dancing there. It's a good example of something I grew up with, and even though it has all the characteristics of a bad film I will still watch it if it pops up on TV. Can't say I love it to death, or even that it's a good movie, but I'll watch it again any day, just because it's so... familiar. But I'll still gag when they say "Nobody puts Baby in a corner". Still, the dancing, the DANCING!!! :D

Sigh... I realize my credibility as a BW fan is ruined since I don't like DDLJ and never did... but what can I say, that type of story never did anything for me in any world cinema. Um... mujhe maaf karo? :D

Swati Sapna said...

aaah... u break my heart girl, but ur given maafi :D my hubby quite hates SRK too so i hv to spend my whole life defending the love of my life! sigh... and by that i mean SRK, not the hubster :P
so ur now added to that list... double sigh!
and confession - i love sappy! alongwith the esoteric and meaningful i would like to believe ;)

Dolce and Namak said...

Haha! Feeling so much better that I'm not the first (and definitely not the most important) person in your life to have broken your heart about SRK! LOL
Just for the record, I do like him when he makes an effort to act, such as in Swades. I also like him when he's just having fun with the part, like OSO and MHN. And I found the kajal on him in Asoka rather... yummy :) But I will never fight you for SRK the romantic hero, you can have him all :)

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