Sunday, March 27, 2011

Stylish Blogger Awards

Yeah, don't worry, I didn't know what that meant until yesterday either. Discovered this little trophy while reading Lime(tte)'s blog, and found out to my great surprise that I was one of the folks she passed it on to. Cool! I will not deny I felt very pleased, thank you Mette! And then I did what every sensible person does in a situation like this: I googled it. I couldn't find out where it originated and how, but it seems to be really popular among blogs of all kinds: films, fashion, interior design, cooking, to name but a few. The world of blogging is always full of surprises.

But moving on to what's required of a recipient (can you tell I've never in my life received an award, for anything? I'd probably be one of the most pathetic Oscar speeches in history, I mean Sandra Bullock ain't got nothing on me when it comes to babbling incoherently!), I am required to say 7 things about myself (hopefully not too personal because we all know that's never going to happen in this space) and then pass it on to another 7 bloggers that I think are super cool.

So here they go:

1) I cannot watch a film at home from beginning to end without fidgeting around the apartment, picking up my laptop to check stuff online, texting, eating an apple, paying some bills online etc. That does not say anything about how good or bad a movie is, because I do it even during the best ones, but just about my restlessness. Point in case: Guru Dutt's "Mr and Mrs 55", which by the way I am enjoying tremendously, is currently paused at minute 55:00 as I am writing this. Ha! I swear the 55 is pure coincidence!

2) For the past few years I have done 95% of all my reading on the subway. At home there's always something else to do, and the subway surprisingly turned out to be the space most free of distractions. Go figure!

3) Most of my friends in real life don't really know that I have a blog. It just never comes up in conversation. Just as well, because those that do know never read it. Absolutely no hard feelings about it, just an observation.

4) I am slightly obsessed with bangles. Yeah, ok, that's probably not news to anyone around here as I waste no opportunity to post some or talk about them, but there you have it: it's an addiction. People used to notice it in the office in the beginning and make comments about the sound, but I think by now it's background noise for everyone. I still love the sound they make though, could not live without it. I was actually obsessed with them before I even knew they existed: kept searching for all kinds of wrist adornments that would make jingly sounds and that would look striking. When I started watching Indian films and discovered that such a thing did actually exist, there was no turning back.

This is also my laptop background, if anyone cares

5) I sing all the time. I'm not a particularly good singer, though I was in a choir at some point in my life, and the teacher was very strict, so I suppose I would have been kicked out if I was no good, but I'm no Sunidhi Chauhan, no depth in my voice. Regardless, I still sing along to every single tune I know if it's playing on the radio and if there is no music playing, I start going through my repertoire. In fact my first thought when I'm bored is: let's see, what can I sing? When I have a cold and can't sing, I get depressed.

6) I never cry at movies. Nope, never. Ok, my eyes may have welled up once or twice in my entire life (like when I first saw Kramer vs Kramer), and I sometimes get the old lump in the throat (say, at the end of Rang De Basanti or Raincoat), but usually the more tear-jerking the scene is, the more I roll my eyes. Guess I'm just not a romantic in the classic sense of the word.

7) Oh thank God, last one! Oh here's one that most people reading this won't know: I wear glasses. Started out of necessity, but I didn't need to wear them all the time, just for distance, so basically when outside. Then I kind of started wearing them all the time because I was too lazy to take them off. Now I actually think something is missing from my face if I am not wearing them, unless I take the time to put on make-up, which only happens on the weekends, or if I'm on vacation and taking pictures. The rest of the time my glasses seem to be a great substitute for make-up. It helps that they are really funky in shape and colour.

And I will gladly promote them, love this brand!

Whew! Now that the hard part is done and my privacy is still intact, on to the good stuff: who do I pass this on to? Actually that's not so easy because I am not even entirely sure there are 7 bloggers who are active that read me. So let's start with the easy ones and see if the list comes to seven.

The Bollywood Fan - the first blog I ever got hooked to
Nicki at Hmong Chick Who Loves Indian Cinema - who is also a great friend
The lovely ladies at Cinema Chaat - I share so many tastes with these ladies, and they never fail to entertain me
Trishie at whatever name she uses for her blog these days - because she takes the sexiest pictures ever
Swati at The Weekend Epicurean - I hate cooking, but it's so much fun reading her regardless
Liz at My Year of Prakash Raj - because she's hilarious

And even though I have a couple more that I wish I could include, not just from my blog roll, but other bloggers that are super cool even when they're not talking about movies, the last spot goes to a blog that I really hope to see back in full swing soon:
Yes, you know who you are, Tollywood Is My Bollywood, three posts in 3 months just won't cut it for much longer!

Well, here's hoping all these people still read my blog now and again and that receiving this award will put a smile on their face as it did on mine!


Anonymous said...

Talking about bangles, there is a famous chudi bazaar (bangle bazaar) in Hyderabad close by Char Minar. You must plan to visit in your lifetime :-)


Dolce and Namak said...

Oh, I plan to, Tolly! :) But thanks to a dear friend of mine who went there, I already have bangles from that bazaar, and I kind of love them even more because they're from there, I always think about it (and my friend) when I wear them.

Temple said...

hey thanks Dolce :) Very kind of you to think of us! And thanks tolly for yet another tip on how to spend all my non-existent money...

Unknown said...

congratulations!!! and hey all girls love bangles... If you plan to visit Mumbai take a walk long Colaba caueway... u will get some great stuff :)

Mette said...

Interesting facts... I have the same problem with movies, but usually try to sit through them regardlessly. It's not that I get bored... I just need to do something for one minute or so. :)

Dolce and Namak said...

@ Temple - that made me laugh out loud: isn't Tolly the worst (or best) enabler of them all? :)

@ IVBL - aha! Another place to add on my bucket list! When I go to Mumbai I will make sure to check it out.

@ Lime(tte) - exactly! It's not boredom most of the times (ok sometimes it is boredom, I won't lie :D), usually it's just restlessness. The world of gadgets around us doesn't help either. Sometimes I even miss my "Pause" button in the theatre too, especially if there's something that I absolutely have to text to someone and it simply cannot wait :P
And hey, thank you again for passing this to me :)

Nicki said...

Aaaww, thanks for the prema. Thanks for the cute facts about you. I've wrote so many random facts about me already in my personal blog, do check it out under the tab, Nicki -

Radical said...

ur glasses ARE really COOL!:)! the bangles..AH! m a big fan! lucky to be able to dig into my mom's vast [and forever increasing]collection of glass bangles from Bihar!;-)!

Dolce and Namak said...

@ Nicki - prema for you ALWAYS! :) *hug*

@ Vistrit: so jealous about your mother's glass bangles. I treasure my few sets of glass ones immensely, my heart cries a little whenever I break another one (which I do, unfortunately :(). I always think this would be my favourite thing in India: everyone wearing bangles and payal :)

Jack Ibbetson said...

Totally agree with number one. Its hard to sit there for two hours

Swati Sapna said...

Hey!! Thank you so so much for this award :) I know I have been missing from action for long now, but I'm back. And nothing like an award from a fellow-blogger to get you raring to go!
And I agree with Tolly - you must visit Charminar if you love bangles. In fact that's where I was the last 10 days and bought myself and my friends some really cool bangles!
Also, any reason you are so reluctant to divulge personal details? No stalkers out there looking for you Tollywood style no?? :O Though that would definitely be exciting... :D

Dolce and Namak said...

Hi Jack, welcome to the blog and thank you for the comment. I'm sure many of us can relate to that one, thank God for theatres to keep us all quiet at least every once in a while :)

@ Swati - So jealous of all of you for access to bangles! I'll make you a deal, next time one of you mentions the Char Minar bangles, they have to send me some! What say you? :P

Oh, and you ask a simple question with a very complicated answer :) It's like this: on the one hand, let's say that even if someone were to stalk me (and I am firmly convinced that the internet is full of all kinds of creeps), I have nothing to be afraid of because they have no information to go on. I'm generally very cautious on the internet because it's a public space, you never know who is reading you and why.
On the other hand, I meet plenty of people in real life who like me for all kinds of reasons, as we all do. I want the people who read here to appreciate me for my writing. That is - for me - the only real test for it.
And last but not least, I don't know how sharing personal details would make my opinions more valid or more interesting, so unless it's something that heavily influenced my view on the topic, no reason to talk about it, na? :)

Last but not least: yes, get back into the swing of things lady, I hate when I lose one of favourite bloggers to such a trivial thing as real life :)

Radical said...

i'm coming back too late [exam fever in the air] FIRST reaction after reading this post was...HAI! SO CUTE![BIG grin]!:D!

this thing about u keeping ur personal details to urself...well, it certainly is not hampering the message you want to communicate to us! lends this mystique to your message..for we don't hv the option of attributing some of ur opinions to ur personal background!

n..i really like the way u've been able to keep ur 'personal' details out of the blog...quite efficient!:)!

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