Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Twitter. A rant.

Someone just hit me over the head with this statement a few weeks ago and I have finally come to terms with it: "you can't have a blog and not be on twitter". Why not? I said at the time. If I can not be on Facebook, why not avoid twitter too? I'm just not interested in telling everyone about what I do during the day, people can satisfy their curiosity about the lives of others with plenty of other oversharing celebrities, wannabes, friends and nobodys.

Not only that, I have been a proud twitter hater since it came into existence because it seems to give a voice to many people who in fact have nothing to say (or better said, have something to say that should not be seeing the light of day). Much like Facebook in that respect, after all how many more pairs of shoes can one post on their wall and drool over before people start thinking that "oh my, it IS true, half of the women I know ONLY think about purses and shoes!". And wasn't the world a more mysterious lovely place when you didn't have to see everyone's tribulations during the day, or their intentionally cryptic statuses?

Now don't get me wrong, I know very diverse groups of people, and some of them share very interesting thoughts, and yet it's amazing how many Facebook bytes can be spent posting shoes and commenting "oh you're so lovely" on each other's pictures. Is that a sine qua non by the way? Is constantly flattering other people via Facebook the new way to socialize? It sure seems that way. Needless to say, I am a very happy Fecebook hater (typo? Come on, you know me better than that!).

So by extension I became a Twitter hater without realizing that it did indeed serve other purposes. Such as being a good marketing tool. And giving information. And being a platform for things that don't deserve a whole blog post or article, but are still worthy of a fleeting thought. Based on a small pool of people I know, it is clear that they look at Facebook as personal, however, they see Twitter as an efficient business tool and a necessary extension of their blog. Fair enough.

So a business tool it shall be for me, and I have decided to join the twitter world after much inner debate. How does all that marketing rah-rah apply to my blog, you ask? Well for one, I watch about 10 times more films than I blog about. This will give me a chance to talk about all of them as I watch, giving whoever is interested a more rounded image of my views on Indian movies. Some films just don't warrant a whole post, while others are very deserving and yet it doesn't end up materializing. Now I can talk about all these films too.

Secondly, I am way too nice on this blog. This comes from my writing philosophy which is: if you're trying to promote something you like (Indian films in this case), why waste time on the garbage? Chances are another 10 websites are doing just that as you type. So I focus on the good stuff. Well, Twitter will give my snarky side a voice too (see what I was saying earlier about Twitter giving a voice to those that shouldn't have it? It's happening already!). That's right, Shah Rukh Khan fan, you in the corner there, this is fair warning to you! Don't follow me if you're not ready for the snark. Ok, that's an exaggeration, I won't diss people just for the sake of dissing, but you might get the occasional hate rant that you would not see on the blog.

Thirdly, I can be more up to date about what other bloggers and what they're watching, while also keeping on top of the news in the industry. Having said that, I promised myself I would not stalk celebrities, or even tweet them for that matter. That mysterious world of not knowing everything someone is thinking? Yeah, I treasure that.

So there we go, Dolce and Namak are going on twitter! You read that right, only Dolce and Namak are joining the tweetyverse, so I promise you'll only be reading about films and other stuff associated with them. Music for sure, maybe books every once in a while too. But definitely no politics or world issues. No bitching about work and no personal life information either. Sorry stalkers, you still won't get to know when I come out of the shower or what underwear I'm wearing. Nice try!

And last but not least, a quick but firm plea to all my off-blog friends who are planning on following me (all 3 of them!), please keep in mind that this is not a personal account, so pretty please refrain from using my real name just like you would in your comments on the blog. Many anticipated thank yous!

All righty... let's see how this works...


Radical said...

YOU ROCK!!!!!! i always held back from requesting you to be on twitter,so that we could hear more often [and, maybe sharper bits] from YOU!
THANK GOD u decided to join Twitter! WELCOME ABOARD!:D!

a tweeter is a blogger in a hurry! ALL THE BEST to u! n lucky US!:P!

Mimi said...

im excited to see the films you don't actually like ;)
way to go DnN!

Dolce and Namak said...

Hehe! Never thought anyone would be interested in reading my thoughts on films I *didn't* like :) This is encouraging and funny at the same time. :D
Thanks for the warm welcome, guys! It's already becoming a habit, and it's been less than a week.
See you both on Twitter! :)

Swati Sapna said...

Ok, am following you now in spite of ur fair warning... so kindly be kind to SRK ;)

Dolce and Namak said...

Ha! Kind to SRK? Never! Just kidding. Let's say I won't chastize him unless he gives me a good reason to :)

Nicki said...

even though you're on Twitter now, you need to post more :D

Dolce and Namak said...

LOL Look who's talking, missy! :D I do try to keep a regular schedule of once a week. Sometimes work or personal life cause me to skip a week, but I thought I was pretty good with sticking to the schedule... The thing is more than once a week would be impossible with my lifestyle. Do you know that that's why it took me so long to even start a blog? I didn't want to start it until I was completely confident that I can be consistent. So don't worry, Twitter won't replace the proper posts, it's just added value :P

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