About the author

I'm an Eastern European movie addict (Indian movies to be precise) who has made Toronto, Canada her home over the past few years.

I'd been thinking of writing a blog for a while simply because I love writing. Whether I'm good or bad at it doesn't matter, because this is all about me, ok? At the same time, I wanted it to be something relevant, even when I cannot bring anything terribly insightful or brilliant to the table, I want to at least contribute to spreading the love for Indian movies. And that's how Dolce and Namak got created. In my dreams, the Dolces and Namaks of the world will learn from each other and challenge each other constructively until everyone learns to appreciate this form of art. I want all the Namaks of the world to be able to read this and not feel silly for not understanding certain things, and not feel overwhelmed by how much knowledge other people have about Indian movies. And I would like all the Dolces of the world to win everyone's heart with their infectious enthusiasm for movies, songs, settings, dances, badassness and everything else that makes Indian movies a world of their own.

Wish me luck with that!

What? You want to know more about me? Really? No? Ok, good, I didn't think so!

Well, just in case you do, a couple more things, to show that I do actually have a life outside Indian movies, though you wouldn't be able to tell if you met me.

Things I love other than movies? Autumn, bangles, dancing, architecture, good parties, the ocean, big cities, sushi, Italian, glitter, novels, Toronto, modern and post-modern painting, cats, songs with good percussion, the colour yellow, England, flowers, quirky turns of phrases, the view from the highest point/cathedral in a city, birthdays.

Popular things you'll probably see me scoff about: self-help books, cake, what people call “the Christmas spirit”, shopping (unless we're talking shopping online for DVDs), hot yoga, an endless number of supposedly funny TV shows (Family Guy is one of them), and lest I make this list longer than the “things I like” one, I'll stop here.

Now that you know almost all there is to know about me, hope you enjoy your time here!