Ranbir Kapoor Animated Avatars

Been meaning to put this one up for a while, and even though I never found the time to avatar Saawariya, I promise to do that soon for an almost complete collection (Rocket Singh will still be missing, it didn't inspire me to make any avas...).

ETA: Saawariya added.

So without further ado... The Ranbir Kapoor Avatars page. As usual, use and abuse, just, you know, don't claim you made them or something extreme like that. (Sorry, they may take a while to load, most of them are huge.)

Saawariya - Ranbir sporting a shaggy dog haircut and too much make-up... not my thing. But I do love this movie for various other reasons: such a pretty fairytale. And Ranbir did a good enough job for his first role. And did I mention the towel song?

Bachna Ae Haseeno - one of his worst movies, but the songs are beautiful, and there are some cute moments.

Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani - loved this movie in its crazy silliness, plus it has Tu Jaane Na. Enough said.

Wake Up Sid - possibly my favourite Ranbir movie? It is this week anyway.

Raajneeti - a very non-avatarable movie. Even if he looked really good in it (loved him with the glasses and 5 o'clock shadow), and I quite enjoyed the movie overall.

Anjaana Anjaani - I don't think I'll ever get over my disappointment with just how much of a waste of Ranbir and Priyanka this movie was, but it sure is pretty and therefore very avatarable. (Bear with me, I went a little overboard with this one, and they're quite heavy on Priyanka - not my fault she's so pretty!)


Nicki said...

I am very behind in Ranbir world, thanks to your avatars, I now know which Hindi movie I will watch next :D

Dolce and Namak said...

Hm... Let's see, Nicki... I know for sure you've seen the three from last year. And God knows the way I talk about Anjaana Anjaani is very unlikely to make one watch it... Then again, you're as shallow as me, so you may not care about it being a bad movie. So, put me out of my misery: is it Raajneeti or Anjaana Anjaani?? :)

tolly said...

Talk of the town is that you moved on to Ranbit avatars as Allu got engaged :-). Othewise how come this page came up just after he got engaged. This can't be a co-incidence :-) :-).

watched rajneeti yesterday with a bit of hesitation. to my surprise story was engaging. Reminded me of Dalapati (another MR movie) in parts as both are based on mahabarat.

Dolce and Namak said...

Bwahaahaa!! That put a smile on my face, Tolly! I love it :D Didn't think of that for a second.

Actually I've been meaning to put this page up for months, I had a whole bunch of those avas already made... just never got around to it. But don't worry, I still have plenty of love for Arjun. Just wait until Vedam comes out, there will be some major action on his page, even if he will probably be married by then ;)

Raajneeti isn't too shabby, eh? It has its shortcomings, but I definitely found it engaging too. Glad you liked it!

Mimi said...

just about to watch raajneeti, all because i saw ranbir and Imran hosting together in an awards show..;)

oh the ways i get to watch Bollywood. ;)

Dolce and Namak said...

LOL That's a perfectly reasonable reason to watch an actor, Mimi :)

I hope you enjoy Raajneeti, it's not your typical Bollywood roses and butterflies movie, so hopefully that won't put you off. But Ranbir delivers a fine performance in it, so if you're watching for him, you can't be disappointed.

If you ever want a Ranbir film more on the light side but still with fabulous acting and a great story, I'd recommend Wake Up Sid!

Happy Bollywood watching! :)

Mimi said...

Finished Raajneeti,finally! And it was well worth it -if I may say so. only a couple of months into Bollywood films I saw some that I wish i didn't have to suffer thru like the one with an "SK" and an S!K? perhaps, having seen so few films one can say that i absolutely am not in a position to cast any opinion but i will take some liberty to do (just because i can, haha!) let me just say that the former is all brawn and too much swagger, in the 2 movies i've seen him in, he only change his name but still the same character, and the latter in (3 movies)only has one facial expression.
Anyway, its refreshing to watch an actor who can actually act. So on to Raajneeti.

I have zero expectation to begin with, i don't know these actors save that I find Ranbir cute.
(an I saw Wake Up Sid first, in Hindi which, I didn't speak any)

A movie that is engaging emotionally and intellectually is all it takes to impress me. As i don't plan to give you a blow by blow account of how all the points the movie did surprise me. I want to share just this..the scene where Samar is interrogating Babulal, it still haunts me. You might think I'm crazy.Of all the scenes, it was for me the most gripping moment. It's as if i have stepped into the character of Balulal and i was the one staggering with fear, torn between the fire of mount doom and the black hole.

And since I watched it because of Ranbir i must now say something about him. ( but before that i thing the Sooraj character is a casting mistake- he's supposed to be 27?)
Can i just say that the boy can act? I like that his face can convey what he feels mostly thru his eyes,in the way he holds his gaze, and the way he speaks. His character is well developed into the one that he becomes and as an audience, understands (though not thoroughly approve) all the things he has to do to tip the balance into his family's favor to claim justice and whatever else end he aims to.

I ended up with so many questions regarding the movie in relation to reality. Police involvement seem to be none-existent here in spite of the fact that a lot of none-too-secret crimes are happening left right and center. I have observed this in several Bollyfilms although, I am guilty of ignoring these plotholes if the movie is entertaining enough.

While watching Samar transform, a similar character takes shape in my head. And that's Michael Corleone in The Godfather. They both turned into what they fear of becoming.
Its a looong movie, like most bollyfilms, but I have recommended it to all my friends. It's worth the time.

Dolce and Namak said...

Oh yay! So glad you liked it Mimi!! And I don't think they were hiding the Godfather references very well, so yes, definitely a lot of Godfather moments in there. I blogged about Raajneeti, sort of, kind of... here: http://dolcenamak.blogspot.com/2010/06/raajneeti-vs-raavan-neah-lets-try.html

I had some unresolved questions as well about the police and the amount of blood shed with no consequences, so I tried to resolve my cognitive dissonance in that post without spoiling the movie too much for people who haven't seen it. It's a completely metaphorical take on the film, but I kind of prefer to look at it that way, it resolves many of the issues I had with the scripting.

But back to Ranbir: hell yea he can act!! :) For me the best scene was the one with the glass of water at the hospital. Amazingly chilling!! He carried the movie throughout, him and Nana Patekar made Raajneeti for me. :)

And if you've already seen Wake Up Sid, maybe try Rocket Singh for something completely different, no romance, no songs, but still good acting. It gets a little filmi towards the end, but I for one forgave it for it.

Mimi said...

now i will go read your blog on Raajneeti ;) and yes! the "glass of water" scene was I think some sort of turning point in his character. One of those scenes i cannot elaborate enough in here or I'd be doing a full review;)

I still need to re-watch Wake Up Sid with English Subtitles, to savor and to write down memorable quotes!;)

As for Rocket Singh, I'll now be doing some research and while looking for a copy.

thanks for your recommendations. ;)
Be back soon!

Shruti said...

Hello!! I love your creations :) Can u plz make one animated icon from the film Rockstar..please :)

Dolce and Namak said...

Hey Shruti, thank you for the love and do feel free to use as you please. Unfortunately I'm not very good at doing avas from youtube videos, I tried it before but they don't come out as nice and as fluent as the ones from the DVD file, so I stay away from doing those. :( But as soon as the DVD is out, trust me, I'll be all over it! :)

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