Allu Arjun Animated Avatars

I suppose I should thank Allu Arjun for helping me acquire this useless useful skill, of making animated avatars because had it not been for the sad scarcity of animations with him on the Internet, I would have never learned. And let's just say that many, many hours went into this, so really, not sure if I'm happy about this new addiction or not. But that's for another day to think about.

One thing that bugged me about the few animations that did exist was that they came with a million conditions: must credit, must thank, must link, must this, must that... I don't know, is it just me or is something like this not really your property to begin with? And isn't it great if someone else is doing with your creation exactly what you wanted to do in the first place: spreading the love? Anyways, won't get into discussing copyright issues, but needless to say there are no conditions for using my avatars for whatever you please. Credit if you feel like it, thank if you feel like it. If not, as they say "no sorry, no thank you" between friends!

Gangotri - I only did a few of this one, because I couldn't resist the song where Arjun dances awesomely in drag.

Bunny - not my favourite Arjun movie, but he does look pretty delicious in this one, so it was worth a few animations.

Happy - not a whole lot from this one, didn't like the Happy look one bit. But the middle of the movie was adorable.

Desamuduru - Aaahh.. the movie that started it all. Sorry, these were my first ones, so not everything I wanted got captured and some don't look all that great either. One day I will do more from this movie.

Parugu - home of some of my favourite picturizations!

Arya 2 - my favorite Bunny movie, in fact, so far my favourite Telugu movie. Period. (A few other faces from the movie may have snuck into this set, namely the gori item girl who was awesome! When I grow up, I want to be her!)

Varudu - such an avatarable movie, everything is so pretty!

Vedam - until the DVD comes out, this is just a little teaser. (And seriously, can they release it already?)


Nicki said...

Yaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!! Me likes!!! I must steal some :D

Dolce and Namak said...

Haha, Nicki, you'd better like it, after being on my case to post them for so long :)

By the way, they seem to upload with the speed of a drunken snail, and imageshack loooves to lose images randomly for a day or two (like right now I can't see more than half of the Varudu ones, did I ever mention how much I hate imageshack??...), so if you see that some of them don't load even after a few days and you want them, let me know. I'll just email them to you.

Dolce and Namak said...

@ Anjula: I can't figure out how to actually move a comment, so I'm pasting your comment here to reply to it:

"So I ve seen all Allu Arjun's newer movies (including Varudu) from the list on ur blog (animation page) (!) except Happy but trying to find it.
After a quick look, I know what u r referring to regarding his older movies but might check em out when there r none to watch, w him in it ;)

Dying to find Vedam - have u seen it yet? AA looks hot from what little I saw of the movie.

Magadheera was pretty good.
Paragu - I really liked the dialogues.
I think Parugu and Arya2 were my favorite.
But here is the real verdict: Allu Arjun definitely has the hotness factor and I am wanting to watch all his movies.
The other actors: Mahesh (yet to watch his movies), Prabhas umm... taller (lol) but no, not the same. And unless their movie is super good, ...not sure if i'd watch it.
The Magadheera actor (who happens to be AA's cousin !) is cute but i ve to watch more of his movies to see if his movies I will follow w/o another thought.
I really like the actress : Magadheera and Arya2.

Some stars u don't want to miss no matter what and I have added Allu Arjun to my list :)
Plus I am still going to watch all Telugu movies that my research shows were good movies like Gamyam, Kota Bangaru Lokam, Prasthanam, Banam.

I have watched Allu Arjun's interviews etc. (hardly any available in English) but he comes across as such a nice guy - down to earth, personable....Love him! And definitely the best dancer of the lot. So here I m showing my tendency to go on n on about him :)

Any other suggestions are WELCOME.
If u ve any other Telugu movie recommendation w really 'watchable' stars, I'd love it.

Did you watch this? "

Dolce and Namak said...

Ah, my dear Anjula, God knows nothing gives me more pleasure than talking about this topic, so I absolutely have to take my time with it. :)

Well, when it comes to dancing, I personally find Arjun unmatched! But some say (emphasis on "some") that NTR Jr is a better dancer. So if good dancing is what you're after, maybe some of his films would be fun to watch too (also, some say that he is cute, but this one I openly disagree with ;)). I've seen Yamadonga and Kantri and enjoyed them both. They might not fit into your "watchable" stars category :P but Yamadonga is a ton of fun no matter how you look at it!

As for Magadheera hearthrob Charan, again, personal opinion here that many disagree with, I find he has a loooong way to go in terms of acting. But for more of his delightful dancing, check out clips from Chirutha, his only other movie :)
This one in particular is worth a watch or two :)

Hehehe... don't worry, I didn't see the appeal of Prabhas either until halfway into Pournami. All in due time, all in due time... :)

Kajal I'm not a big fan of, so drawing a blank when it comes to recommending more movies with her. Oh, wait, I know: Chandamama! That's a cool one! It also stars Navdeep (who played Ajay in Arya2). Definitely a movie with "watchable" stars ;)

Of the other ones you want to see, I've blogged about Gamyam (with good and bad) here:

As for Vedam, girl, I'm biting my nails for the DVD release just as much as you are. I saw it in the theatres when it came out, but no subtitles, so I can't wait to see it properly! Until then, Arya 2 and Parugu remain my favourite ones as well. :) High five!

Amarendra Reddy Sagila said...
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Dolce and Namak said...

ROFL! Amar, your comment made me laugh this morning! "Intelligent and mature middle-aged lady"! I'm sorry, please don't be offended, I'm sure you meant that as a good thing, but it just seemed funny to me because I'm at least a decade away from being middle-aged (though not exactly a little girl anymore either), and God knows I've hardly ever been called a mature lady. ;) I find it interesting that my Dhobi Ghat review gives off that vibe... But that's beside the point (though I do take it as a compliment and I thank you for it). :)

So I had a whole reply composed in my head on the way to work, explaning in detail about why I like Allu Arjun (and no, it's not because he's the greatest actor, though I do hope he becomes one) and also explaining that my fangirly comments and poems are meant to be tongue-in-cheek. But then I realized that neither can "tongue-in-cheek" be explained, nor can liking or disliking someone. However, before you start worrying about my sanity, allow me to reassure you that I did not attempt suicide because of the news of AA's marriage, and that I will not be making a scene at the Hyderabad airport if I am ever there that I refuse to leave the country without meeting him. And yes, that is also tongue-in-cheek. :D That said, I will continue to follow his movies with great excitement and pleasure because his on-screen presence just makes me happy, even when he's in a bad movie (which God knows he's done enough of, and shockingly, so has Aamir Khan, if you'll excuse me for taking both their names in the same sentence - why is that such a great sin by the way? That's another thing that I fail to understand, do pardon my ignorance... I mean they're both people, both worthy of respect for their hard work, just like any other person doing honest work in this world, why is one more worthy of respect than the other?).

Anyways after composing that whole reply in my head, I started thinking about why you posted this comment in the first place. And it's fascinating because you're not the first person to post on my blog criticizing not my opinions or my statements, but my tastes in movies and actors (some have gone as far as criticizing what they think they know about my real life or my personality, but I've become proficient in ignoring those). And that makes me wonder: why do people do that? Is it because there is some part of you that thinks you can change my mind about them? Or that I'm just liking them because I haven't seen any better yet? Serious question, I'm not being sarcastic one bit (for a change!). It's just strange to me that people think everyone should like certain actors (Aamir Khan, Kamal Hassan, Guru Dutt) and not others, and only for certain reasons (such as being a great cerebral actor) and not others (such as being an excellent dancer or exuding a certain kind of energy). I'd be bored to tears and run out of movies to watch very quickly if I only took a liking to great acting (and by the way, everyone's definition of great acting is also different). But as obvious as that is to me, I find that it's not easy to explain it to other people.

Well, I said I wasn't going to try and justify my likes and dislikes and it seems that I have started doing just that, so I'll stop now. But I'll be happy if you drop by every once in a while and even if I won't make any promises that I will stop being a fangirl, I hope you enjoy at least parts of this space. :) Sorry if I was a little too blunt, but it puzzles me, it really does...

Mimi said...

hi D&N! i hope its okay to call you that. anyway i was introduced to Hindi films only this year, started with 3i followed by Ghajini. its the first time i watched a film w/o any expectation whatsoever. the fact that i'm now writing anything about it must mean i enjoyed it- is an understatement of the year! it was so much fun and expectedly i got hooked on aamir khan. thanks to my friends who introduced the movie and no thanks for the resulting obsession. ;) you might be wondering, what the heck am i doing now thou..writing stuff unhelpful to you. after watching several AK films backward, i am developing a strong opinion and bias..i seem to only watch his film and that is a disservice to the whole of Bollywood who must produce many more watchable films with notable actors in them-so i come to your blog for ideas. i can't possibly watch every movie on somebody's watch list especially if they are loyal to one or just a few actors. its now hard to select films, for one i don't even understand the titles i'll reach "middle age" if i translate every one of them ;0

i just want to say that reading your blog gives me some direction and i enjoy your blabs about some things-that's why you are now on my list.
keep it up!

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