Sunday, May 15, 2011

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara Trailer

Just because the new trailer is out and I had a rant in me this morning, a short one with thoughts on my most awaited film of the year: Zoya Akhtar's Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara ("You don't get to live twice" in an approximate translation).

Piecing together the bits and pieces released so far, the story is about 3 young guys (Farhan Akhtar, Abhay Deol and Hrithik Roshan) going off on the trip to Europe they were supposed to take after college, but never did because life got in the way. Now Abhay Deol's character is getting married, and of course the subtext is that his life is over (but I'll refrain from rolling my eyes on this one), so this is their last chance to go off on a guys trip.

You know what, I won't refrain after all: are most women so insecure that they will prohibit their husbands from going on a "guys only" trip after they're married? I mean surely any woman will appreciate some time alone so what's the big deal about a guys only trip? You married him, it's implied that you trust him and really if he wanted to cheat on you, isn't he more likely to do it with someone in the office for example? And if it's not the cheating then what is the problem? That he's having fun without you? So let him! Are you not capable of having fun without him? Sheesh!

Clearly Kalki Koechlin's character (the fiance) will not get much sympathy from me as she seems to be exactly the type of woman who will nay-say any further attempts from her husband to have any freedom after they're married. Le sigh... Anyway, sorry about that, rant over, on to the film.

The guys set off to Spain and they will all participate in each dude's favourite extreme sport, which by the looks of it are: running with the bulls, sky diving and water diving. I could be wrong on these though. In the process they meet some people and presumably "discover themselves"...

I am very much looking forward to Zoya's second film, but I am always amused (and Hollywood does this too) at this myth that film makers seem to keep exploiting that taking a trip to Europe will change your life, or it will change who you are. Yes, Julia Roberts, that goes for you too! Really guys, let's face it, when 3 young studs go to Europe for the summer, they'll be drinking the continent dry, they'll be partying until the wee hours of the morning and they'll probably lose a good 10% of their brain cells to drugs and alcohol. And if they're lucky, they'll only gain 10% of their weight after all the paellas and empanadas. Oh, and maybe they'll see a few landmarks and museums. Trust me, I know way more than 3 of these guys. The one thing that they will NOT do for sure is discover themselves.

No really, does this look like one of those moments that lead to epiphanies?

Ahem... I didn't think so.

Somewhere deep down inside I am hoping against hope that this will be the movie to show that after 2 weeks of having fun and doing all kinds of crazy stuff in Spain, the three men go back to their lives in India with some great memories, perhaps a tad more light-hearted, but essentially the same people they were before they left. But... I doubt it.

Nonetheless, this continues to be my most awaited film of the year because I have complete faith in Zoya to give me a great script with memorable dialogues, some fabulous songs, benchmark performances and maybe, just maybe (see how I still haven't lost hope?), a good insightful story.

Plus, the pairing of Hrithik and Katrina Kaif doesn't look half bad:

And I'm always up for the Abhay Deol - Kalki Koechlin pairing.

As I am always up for Farhan Akhtar. In anything.


Suja said...

I don't think any woman I know would object to their men doing a guys-trip but then I am middle aged and have more sense :) I suppose younger and insecure women may object? I don't know. In any case, the movie sounds good, I shall await your comments after you've seen it and decide whether I want to see it too..

Ness said...

I have a friend who is 23 and married and who would have no qualms about her husband going off on a boys only trip - in fact, she would encourage it (not because she wants time off, but because she thinks it's healthy for them to have their own friends and interests). Their relationship gives me hope for happy marriage :)

But I totally get your point. I don't know how I feel about this film, which kind of screams Hangover to me.

mm said...

Why are there no women's "road trip" movies? The only one I can think of is "Thelma and Louise", hardly lighthearted fare. I'd think women would want/need to "get away" even more than men, especially married women, in whatever country.

Temple said...

Yeah I tend to think travel makes you see yourself more clearly, it's often confronting but not necessarily a transforming thing. And you know, based on the guys roadtrips I have heard about & witnessed I say they would be lucky to remember anything at all about the trip. Except maybe the constant battle to get Hrithik away from reflective surfaces!

Dolce and Namak said...

@ Suja - sigh... I wish that were valid for all the women I know too, but you may be right about age having something to do with it. And thank you for the trust! But I am likely to be very biased when watching a Zoya Akhtar film starring Farhan and Abhay, so whatever it will be, please take my opinion with a grain of salt (or sugar) ;)

@ Ness - thank you for the visit and yes, I fully agree: some separate interests and experiences are crucial for a successful relationship. I like to think that there are more relationships like that in real life than the other kind. But stereotypes like what Kalki's character is shaping up to be in this film are working very hard at convincing us of the contrary. Though not sure to what purpose... Guess I'll refrain from judging the movie on that count until I see it, but the stereotype sure bothers me. And hopefully it will be nothing like the Hangover, after all it's almost impossible to create something as cracked up as that one! Even for Indian filmmakers :)

@ mm - Hm... Good question, but I think the general consesus (which based on my experiences I don't disagree with) is that a trip with just girls will provide less cinematic fun. Girls tend to do less crazy stuff. And I mean do we really *want* to see multiple versions of the Sex and the City movies? That's a "no" for me personally. :) I'm ok with filmi guy roadtrips, as well as co-ed, as long as they can face the fact that there will be no deep life philosophy at the end of it.

@ Temple: Yes, great point about remembering the trip, thank God for pictures and for "post to Facebook" functions :P But I do agree that traveling with people provides some insight that sometimes even years of hanging out together do not. That's kinda what I'm hoping for: a movie where they recreate bonds and strengthen their friendship. Unfortunately I fear that for filmi purposes a topic that should stay as simple as that will inevitably turn into some life changing experiences. We shall see... Hopefully I am completely wrong :)

The Bolly Hood said...

Reminds me of The Hangover... let's wait and see...

Mette said...

I object: I think women or girls ARE into doing crazy stuff - I've already planned to do a road trip with two girlfriends next summer.

About the film:
1) Too much hotness in one movie.
... :D

2) Too many Indians in Europe (c'mon, we all know that Flamenco dancer is a supporting actress we'll never remember the name of).

3) Hrithik Roshan's singing gets better and better.


Dolce and Namak said...

@ The BollyHood - but at least not as much as Delhi Belly, no? You're right, we'll wait and see :)

@ Mette - That's very true, but in my experience, it's always a more fun ride when it's a mixed group.

I'm quite excited as well :) Glad to not be the only one. And I must say not many things really impress me in Hrithik but his singing voice IS getting better. Though I am still very much biased towards Farhan's. Mmmmm :)

And of course, you are right about there being too much hotness. Not sure if I won't have to do separate trips to the theatre for each actor to make sure I don't miss any of their presence :P

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